James Dillon


James, a St. Louis native, has a love for art and creative mediums.  Before applying his artistic mastery to Tattooing, James  extended his education in the fine arts and film school. In  2019 James moved to Mexico, secured an apprenticeship, and began his tattoo career.  He returned to the states and re-apprenticed at Deaf Dog, INK. to meet state requirements in 2020.     His art extends far beyond tattooing, he is proficient in water colors, acrylics, oils, and draws extensively.  James has long term goals to tattoo around the world, being exposed to different artists and styles.  Countries such as Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, and England  are top of his list.    He credits his Grandmother for his love of Elvis Presley, lending to post-punk and rockabilly styles.  James is open to all styles of tattooing, but loves traditional the most.  His work is simply amazing and delivers  impeccable and precise results.