Piercing performed at Deaf Dog Ink. are completed by Mel O’Rouke, an experienced piercer.  
Mel reserves the right to refuse any piercing, and has the full support of Deaf Dog Ink.
Piercings are performed on adults over the age of 18 and require a parental consent for anyone under the age of 18.  
A parental consent form must be completed and notarized before we can do a piercing on any minor. Also, picture ID must presented by parent and minor at the time services are rendered.
​The ID’S provided by the parent and child must have matching last names and addresses; If the minor ID (which must have a photo) does not have an address or if the last names do not match, the minor must have a birth certificate that indicates the accompanying parent’s name. In the case of a name change, please bring an original social security card, divorce decree, or something showing the parent’s original name. If you are the legal guardian of the minor, you must provide court documents proving so. The minor must have a photo ID.
Please keep in mind, while this may seem excessive,  Deaf Dog Ink is following local and state requirements and will not waiver on these  restrictions.  Many of the piercings performed in a studio environment are not a simple ear piercing.  Piercings can be requested on different areas of the body, which require an experienced piercer following strict safety standards and  local and state  agencies requirements.